25 Amazing Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair To Draw

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Some cartoon characters with curly hair from our memory are best for everyone, one of the most adorable features of cartoons that filled our childhood with love and joy is their hair design. We all have a list of our favorite cartoons character as a child, and these cartoon characters have made us laugh and smile. Some cartoon characters from different cartoon shows, such as Goku, Scooby-Doo, and many others will be in our memories forever. 

These fascinating appearances of cartoon characters in their respective shows take the viewer to the world of imagination and happiness. The aesthetic appeal generated by the cartoon character in a particular show is directly proportional to the pleasure that kids get while watching the show.

There is a long list of cartoons with curly hair, and these characters are the kind of joy and cherish. We will add the most famous ones and loved ones to this discussion of popular cartoon characters that have curly hair on top of their head including male and female cartoon characters. 

Let’s drive through the memory of fun and joy, along with these cartoon characters, and reveal the facts about male and female characters with curly hairs. To maintain bravery, let’s start with a female cartoon character. 

Top 20 Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair And How To Draw Curly Hair

Chuckie Finster

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Chuckie Finster

One of the most adorable cartoon characters is Charles Crandall Norbert with curly hair, Chuckie. His appearance changes over the years; he is a light-skinned guy with orange curly hair, and he is the best of cartoon characters with orange hair too, which always remains messy. He used to wear a blue shirt with a Saturn printed on it during his childhood period, and he was wearing diapers and purple square-framed tinted sunglasses. 

It would not be wrong to say that Chuckie is a little kid with big worries. Chuckie doesn’t like to misbehave and is always there for his friends emotionally. 

Charles “Chuckie” Finster, Jr. is a fair skin boy with a red-head, bespectacled, and freckled-chicks toddler who, although cute. 

Jean Grey

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Jean Grey


Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Jean Grey

Professor Charles Xavier mentored her. Professor Charles is an expert telepath. 

He is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

A mutant who possesses telepathic and telekinetic powers. She is one of the real X men, and in the group of mutants, Jean is called Marvel Girl.

Jean Grey’s costume is green in color. The green shades in her costume change throughout her character arc. She looks pretty with her reddish-brown colored hair and deep glowy eyes.

Some of her appearances can be seen wearing a yellow and green mixed costume. 

Missy Foreman

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Missy Foreman

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Missy Foreman

Missy’s formally called Melissa Foreman Greenwald. She is a girl having three close friends named Jessi, Andrew, and Nick.

She is an intellectual curly hair cartoon as well as emotional. She looks younger than her age, and this is due to her short bony appearance and short height.

On top of her head, she has curly dark brown hair, and she appears with slightly dark skin. Messy is not interested much in fashion and usually wears a yellow color shirt. On top of this yellow shirt, she puts a blue overall on.

Sometimes, once she gets inspired by her cousin’s style statement, she changes her clothes and selects dark blue jeans with a yellow crop top. She feels good wearing orange earrings with that outfit.

Ginger Foutley

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Ginger Foutley

 Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Ginger Foutley is one of the most adorable cartoon characters and her curly hair makes her cuter. Almost everyone can relate to this character.

She is a student of Lucky Junior School, and she craves attention. But when he becomes famous, and everyone notices her, she gets confused and finds it challenging to balance her studies and other duties.

The most noticeable feature of Ginger Foutley is the thick curly hair on top of her head. Her friends and other students call her “Ginger” because of that.

This cartoon character with curly hair has fair skin and decent height. Usually wears a t-shirt paring with paints, and chooses to wear skirts on special occasions.

Susie Carmichael 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Susie Carmichael 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

in its spin-off series All Grown Up! She was three years girl who once appeared first in the series, and later in the spin-off series, she appeared as 13 years old girl. In the story of the series, she is Angelica’s arch-rival, but she always also tries to be friends with her. 

Susie is one of the cute girl cartoon characters with a dusky skin tone. Her big black eyes with long eyelashes make her more adorable. The unique way to braids her hairs make her different from others; she ties her curly brown hair in three braids.

She dresses nicely, and most of the time, in this Cartoon. Characters With Curly Hairs wear yellow dresses with purple prints on them. She wears red-colored shoes with white socks. 

Princess Merida – Blonde Cartoon Character 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Princess Merida

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Princess Merida

Born in the Scottish kingdom of Dunbroch.

Daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor.

Merida is the bravest princess if you look at the history of Disney.

Merida is thin and has a pale-colored body with ginger-colored curly hair and blue eyes. Most of the time, Merida is seen wearing a dark green colored gown having golden borders. She also puts on a tiara to keep her hair in place.

She wants to defy the years-old custom, but she also cares for her family and loved ones.

Otto Rocket Power

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Otto Rocket Power

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

He is an enthusiastic young boy of age eleven who lives with his father and older sister in Ocean Shores.

He knows skateboard riding, and he can drive a bicycle effortlessly as he is highly skilled. He is the Youth League Street hockey team captain, and Sam and Twister are his best friends. 

Otto Rocket Power looks short compared to other boys his age, and he has a tanned skin tone. He likes to wear a light yellow colored t-shirt and shorts of burgundy colored with basketball shoes. 

Gerald Johanssen

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Gerald Johanssen

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Gerald Martin Jhonson is a popular character in ‘Hey Arnold!’ in the TV series. He usually works as a tritagonist and sometimes as a deuteragonist. Gerald Johanssen is in a relationship with Phoebe. He is loyal and cares for the people around him, and Arnold is his closest companion. 

Because of their relaxed attitude, Gerald is elected President of his class in the school. Due to his African American Descendancy, he has afro-styled curly hair and is also best in the list of cartoon characters with black hair; He often wears a red t-shirt; the number 33 is printed on the back of his shirt. He likes to wear blue jeans and high-ankle sneakers. 

Sideshow Bob

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Sideshow Bob

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

The stage name of Sideshow Bob is Dr. Robert Under tank Terwilliger Jr. 

Bob plays the role of the antagonist in the TV show called The Simpsons’, and he is one of the widely popular infamous characters with curly hair. 

He also has served as a child entertainer under Krusty the Clown. Tow most noticeable features of this cartoon character are his vast feet and red curly hair; he styles his hair in a palm tree pattern.

He looks like any other Simpson character having a yellow-colored body and extensive eyeballs with a long nose and a big mouth. He has several tattoos on his body.

Spike Spiegel – Spike Hair Cartoon

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Spike Spiegel

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Spike worked for the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate previously, and now he is working as a bounty hunter. He decided to leave form syndicate after falling in love with Julia.

Spike Spiegel is a tall guy and possesses a slender physique. The color of this cartoon character with curly hair is green, and one of his eyes is a cybernetic eye, and this false one is slightly lighter than the real one.

This Brave cartoon character with curly hair wears a lime yellow shirt and, on top of that, a blue blazer. Under that, wears blue trousers and some dark-colored shoes.

Hank Hill – Brown Cartoon Character

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - hank hill

In television history, there is a wisest cartoon character named Hank Hill. He was the lead cast in the show called “King of the Hill.” He is over-weighted but pretty tall. 

Here we are discussing him because of his curly hair. Furthermore, his skin has a peach, paled-coloured tone, and this skin pigmentation matches his short curly hair. 

Hank possesses simple looks and wears a white t-shirt with blue denim. He is wearing brown shoes, and he likes to wear some man’s accessories, including glasses and a watch.


Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Moana

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Motunui village – Her place of birth is beautiful ever. A young girl who loves adventures and is fond of bravery. Her mother’s name is Sina, and she loves to swim and voyage in the sea, but her mother doesn’t like swimming, not allowing her to.

Moana is a brave girl, and the proof of her bravery is that she saved her people on the island when Te Ka threatened them.  She is just 16 years old and has a slender physique, with a dusky skin tone and big brown eyes.

Her curly black hair almost reaches to her waist. She usually wears a skirt made up of coconut fiber. She wears a red crop top to cover her upper body; she also wears a beaded neckless.

Miranda Killgallen 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Miranda Killgallen

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Do you agree? Miranda is a mean girl, and she is the best friend of Courtney Gripping in the show As Told by Ginger.

If you see her in different shows, her clothes will be of different types. Mostly she wears her favorite purple-colored dress. No one can ignore her curly black hair out of the notable things in her character; she ties her hair in a ponytail.

She also loves to wear girl’s accessories; her golden airings are very famous

Darren Patterson

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Darren Patterson – is one of those innocent Cartoon characters, and his curly hair is like no one can ignore. Unlike all his family members, who are stiff and strict, Darren Patterson is soft-hearted and always shows kindness to almost everyone.

On his first appearance, when the show aired, he had a pale skin tone and purple-colored hair. Later after a few episodes, You will see a drastic change in his appearance. He has a dark skin tone, and his brown curly hair is my favorite…


Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

One of the most beloved characters from 90s cartoons, Butt-head – The show’s protagonists are called Beavis and Butt-head”; in this show, he is the closest companion of Beavis, He plays a role of an average-looking guy with an average stander height of 5’5″. He has a nasal voice, and after almost everything, he laughs in a particular manner.

He donned most of the time a yellow t-shirt with an AC/DC logo on the front of the shirt and red-colored shorts. He has curly brown hair on the top of his head, which is one of the signature traits of his personality and character.

Emporio Ivankov 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Emporio Ivankov – popularly known as Iva, queen of The Kamabakka Kingdom. 

She was also known as ‘Okama King.’ Previously he ran away from the Impel Down prison.

He surprisingly puts on a purple-colored woman’s dress. With this dress, he looks more like a woman and loves putting on heavy makeup. Jolly Roger embedded a tattoo right under his chest.  


Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Grundulla

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Grundulla is one of the ugliest cartoon characters I have ever seen in the history of cartoons. She wears an old green colored sleeveless gown.

This gown is torn from the bottom and near the chest. She possesses a fat body, and her skin tone is chocolate-colored. Her ginger-colored curly hair is an all-time favorite and reaches to her shoulders. I like her black beady eyes.

Reggie Rocket Power 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair - Reggie Rocket Power 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Reggie is Otto’s sister. Reggie is a 12-year-old girl, and she is the only female member of Team Rocket.

Do you know? She is well-known and famous as a rocket girl in the Reggie Rocket series. Reggie loves to wear baggy clothes in the show. Most of the time, she wears a purple-colored t-shirt with the logo of Rocket Boards on it.

She loves oversized clothes and hence, wears oversized trousers with camouflage print on them. Wait! Her outfit is incomplete, without her signature red shoes and blue sunglasses with a red border around their glass.  

Tip Tucci 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair-Tip Tucci 

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair


Tip Tucci – The show’s Central figure is called “Home.” Her mother Lucy Tucci loves her a lot. The Brave Girl Tip remains an intelligent character of the show.

She lives in New York City with her beloved mother. She is still beautiful with her dark skin tone. Her brown-colored hair touched lower than her shoulder. Her beautiful Green Glowy eyes make her look cute. Casual clothing is her preference.

You will see her wearing an orange hoodie over a striped t-shirt. She wears blue denim and maroon sneakers, which look a great combination.


Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Cartoon Characters With Curly Hair

Deku, the real name is Izuku Midoriya, completed his studies in the U.A. High School in class 1-A. 

His rightfulness and sense of justice lead him to the height of bravery, and he catches the superhero’s attention; All Might. 

Deku is a short body boy compared to the other kids his age. He has a fair skin tone and green curly messy hair, and his eyes are green in color.

He was very skinny, but he started getting stronger once he started training under All Might. You will see him wearing his school uniform in the show: a grey blazer, a white shirt, and dark green pants as a school student. I love his red tie as a part of his costume. The great hero costume is green in color for him. He prefers wearing a mask on his face to hide his identity.


Several cartoons are very easy to draw, and sometimes it takes only a few minutes when you draw them, and it is easier with my cool drawing ideas for you now. Have you made the list of easy things to draw for your first sketchbook? Curly hair characters are amazing to draw.

Curly hairs always make a character look more charming, whether in real life or the world of cartoons. The creators of these cartoons have made these characters with their passion and creativity. Falling in love with these cartoon characters is free from the person’s age, and love has no boundaries infect. Commonly, you might not know some characters listed under the category of cartoon characters with curly hair, but you must know a few of those. But I can say that now you can’t resist watching the Cartoon in which any of these characters will appear.

I am sure now you will open your childhood memory book to count the characters you have loved and laugh repeatedly. Don’t stop yourself! There is a child ever inside you. Enjoy happy moments again.


What cartoons have green hair?

7 Best Green-Haired Anime Characters
Deku from My Hero Academia
Jolyne Cujoh from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Gon Freecs from Hunter x Hunter
Roronoa Zoro from One Piece
Ribbons Almark from Gundam
Tatsumaki from One-Punch Man
Broly from Dragon Ball

Who has long hair in cartoons?

A made-up character named Rapunzel makes an appearance in Tangled has the longest hair, the 50th animated production from Walt Disney Animation Studios (2010)

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