One-Stop Destination For Complete Guide! – Ashley Piercing

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Ashley Piercing – Find Experts (resources)

  • William Thompson from Indiana, a professional piercer at Blacklisted Tattoo in Crown Point.
  • Kynzi Gamble from Boaz, AL. a professional piercer at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor.
  • Joshua Zeichner, MD  from New York, an associate professor and Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at the Mount Sinai Hospital.

Pro Facts – Inside Ashley Piercing

  • PLACEMENT: Mainly bottom lip
  • PRICING: $40-$80
  • PAIN LEVEL: “I would say this rates approximately a five or a six,” says Thompson
  • HEALING TIME: 12-16 weeks
  • AFTERCARE: Wash the outside of the piercing with saline solution and the inside with diluted alcohol-free mouthwash twice a day

Body piercing thoughts make chills run down the spines of many people! Right? While some may find the idea of holes in their body disturbing and scary, others may find it exciting and an excellent opportunity to express their individuality. Trending for centuries, it has become an icon of fashion. Ashley peircing with a shiny stud on the lower lip is the latest style that makes women and everyone go insane for a hipster transformation. 

Ashley Piercing Quick Facts

The Placement A single piercing known as an Ashley exits through the back of the lip after passing through the center of the bottom lip.
Pain 4/10 only
Heal Time 2 – 3 Weeks only
Ashley Piercing Jewelry 
Labret stud


One-Stop Destination For Complete Guide! - Ashley Piercing

What Is Ashley Piercing?

Ashley piercing is one of today’s most popular lip piercings that marks a single puncture at the center of your lower lip. It penetrates at that point and exits through the back portion of the lip inside the mouth. To emphasize this glam pierce, labret stud or diamond-studded gemstone would be a great choice.

Getting this form of piercing fascinates and excites most women and men alike. Before deciding on taking any action for body piercing, it is essential to know all about this piercing technique. Let’s go through the pros and cons of Ashley Piercing.

Ashley Piercing Pros And Cons


  • Getting an Ashley piercing would make you appear “cool” and “hip,” which is a big part of online culture. And if you happen to have socials, this would work for sure to spike up your following.
  • It is an excellent choice for someone going for a minimalist look and who doesn’t want to overdo their look with multiple piercings.
  • If you are obsessed with your lips’ beautiful shape and appeal, this piercing will make your lips the center of attention.


  • A dark Ashley piercing scar could develop in the surrounding area of the piercing, and the only option left might be to cover it up with a darker shade of lipgloss.
  • Because our lips are sensitive spots, piercing it could lead to swelling.
  • The piercing spot can be a vital detail as it’s far completed on the lower lip meaning the jewel piece might collide with the enamel and the gums. Consequently, it will cause bruising of the gums off overdue.

The Procedure

One-Stop Destination For Complete Guide! - Ashley Piercing

To achieve the best possible result, you need to make sure that you follow each step thoroughly. Proper cleaning is an essential factor in getting Piercing because our lips go through quite a lot of bacterial activities. It is essential to disinfect your lips with water or a disinfectant solution to prevent infection from hitting the piercing area. You should disinfect your lips and sterilize all tools and jewel chunks that will be used in the process. Once you’re done with an in-depth cleaning process, you can proceed to the next part.

Since you will be living with a piercing for the rest of your lifetime, it is crucial to choose the best piercer who is a professional and knows what they’re doing; you can look for reviews online of their certification or ask people you’re close with for advice.

Piercer would now use a surgical pen to mark the exit and entry points, enclosing the needle. They use the same tool that dentists use to affix the positioning to the lower lip. Ta-da! A brand new Ashley piercing is now yours; you can now show it off and wear many types of cute studded piercings.

How Much is the Cost of Ashley Piercing?

Ashley Piercing covers a compassionate part of your lip, thus, having a professional do the job. You can choose someone you think is capable enough to give you your results.

It is estimated that this procedure might cost around $40 and $55 in the United States. In the United Kingdom, it can cost between 25 and 60 pounds, while in Europe, it can cost between 30 and 55 euros.

Now moving on to Ashley piercing jewelry, the best choice would be to buy a piece of authentic gold and silver since they reduce the risk of getting any infection. A quick search online might help you find the perfect piece waiting for you.

How Much Does Ashley Piercing Hurt?

We won’t sugar-coat; Ashley piercing is known for its extreme pain during the process… Because the lip area is sensitive, it is prone to pain and swelling. The lips have several sensitive nerves that help to speed up blood circulation. When the piercing reaches them at the correct spot, it might excite them, causing intense agony for a few seconds.

More than any other type of piercing, Ashley piercing is especially susceptible to infection. Food, saliva, cosmetics, and other foreign objects that enter your mouth constantly contact this area. These objects are bacteria-infested and can react quickly with a freshly pierced earlobe. As a result, any symptoms such as redness, white discharge, or swelling should be monitored. If the discomfort becomes intolerable, seek medical advice.

Don’t worry, a little hurt is fine if you dream of something like a piercing; it’s just a needle pushed through your skin. It’s an absolute dependency of your paint tolerance against your pain. As Mr. Thompson says, on a scale of one to 10, Ashley’s piercing is somewhere around a five or six.

While Healing – Tips To Keep In Mind 

Open wounds from Ashley piercings can heal with proper care. The recovery duration for this type of Ashley lip piercings is usually 3 to 4 months. There are a few things you should remember to recover quickly and effectively.

  • Avoid using cloth towels when drying the wound because they might grab the jewelry and cause damage.
  • For a few days, stay away from very acidic beverages and meals.
  • Maintain excellent dental hygiene by washing your teeth regularly and avoiding contact with clothing, objects, and hands.
  • Make it a daily practice to soak the wound in salty water at least twice a day.
  • Even if you find it fascinating, avoid touching the Ashley lip piercing jewelry or playing with the stud.
  • Healing wounds will take time, so purchasing some piercing aftercare sprays is good. It hastens the healing process and helps to prevent further infection. 

Ashley Piercing Aftercare Guide

  • Avoid using alcohol to clean the pierced area after an Ashley piercing to maintain good aftercare. Your lips may become irritated and red as a result of this.
  • Furthermore, avoid jumping into public swimming pools because unknown bacteria may attack the wound.
  • Many people make the mistake of applying face products to their lips. It can be extremely dangerous.
  • Do not consider changing your jewelry until the pierced spot has healed completely.
  • For at least a month, no oral contact with anyone or anything.

One-Stop Destination For Complete Guide! - Ashley Piercing

Ashley Piercing Risks Involved

Breezing through the Ashley piercing risks is just as important as the aftercare and healing tips. Infect, every individual is the same. As a result, some may casually enjoy this new transformation, while others may abandon this accessory midway. Always keep in mind, it depends on the type of jewelry you choose.

Don’t skimp on the quality of the labret stud to save a few bugs. A good piece would last long without causing infection or complications. As your first lip accessory, you can choose from gold, surgical steel, silver, or diamond. Conduct extensive online research to determine the best option for your lips. You may end up with some super glamorous alternatives that are trendy and do not break the bank.

Infection is a significant risk associated with Ashley’s piercing or other facial piercings. Opting for a giant jewel stud stretches the skin and can leave a nasty scar after its removal. Hence, undergoing proper aftercare and cleaning processes is essential. Several creams and aftercare solutions accessible in the market can revive the damage done to your beautiful lips.

The subsequent up risk relevant to Ashley’s piercing is teeth and gum complications. If the jewelry pieces keep touching your teeth and gums, you might suffer the side effects like gum erosion or maybe tooth scrambling. Finding a perfect spot for a piercing procedure is an art that can be possible only with a professional. You have to be highly diligent with selecting piercings and jewelry to ignore all risks. Even if you are suffering from any complications, the best way is to consult your doctor without any delay.

One-Stop Destination For Complete Guide! - Ashley Piercing

One-Stop Destination For Complete Guide! - Ashley Piercing

Final Lines…

Ashley piercing can be addictive, especially when seeing how beautiful other women look with that shiny dot over their lips. Elegant and finely crafted gemstones can significantly impact the adornment of your lovely lips. With this stunning look that accentuates the features vividly, you can command the crowd’s attention. Dainty labret studs add a feminine touch to your ensemble.

If you are sensitive to any procedures, you should avoid this type of piercing. People with weak enamel or oral issues may also be unable to tolerate this type of piercing. If you’re not into any of these problem sets, go ahead and accentuate your oral appearance with Ashley piercing, which dramatically increases the dimensions of your lips.

People Also Ask

What is an Ashley Piercing?

“An Ashley piercing is mainly a single piercing that pierces directly through the center of the bottom lip, exiting through the opposite side of the lip,” says Kynzi Gamble, a professional piercer at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor in Boaz, AL. 

What is the estimated cost for Ashley Piercing?

It can cost you $40 to $50

How much is the Ashley piercing healing time?

It can take a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 weeks.

What is the After Cares?

Experts advise proper rinsing of your piercing; Gamble recommends alcohol-free mouthwash, better-diluted half-and-half with water. It will resist developing infections.

What is the estimated cost for Ashley piercing ring?

Ashley Piercing jewelry costs different in different areas worldwide, but are not much expensive you can check in-store or amazon for the best offers.

how does Ashley piercing on thin lips looks?

Honestly speaking it will look great, and you can easily find jewelry for thin lip piercing too,  or ask some professional piercer near you.

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