Frenulum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

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From early childhood, we are accustomed to girls getting ear piercings. It has been known to history since time immemorial and was very widely distributed worldwide, as archeology can tell us. The large number of remains found testifies to the popularity of ear piercings. So in Austria, they found the most famous mummy with a piercing named Ötzi, whose age is more than 5300 years. Isn’t this amusing? However, now, piercing is gaining popularity amongst men, and new rare types of piercing are being done widely. One such type is Frenulum piercing.

Frenulum piercing is a hidden oral piercing that many people believe to be a terrific fashion statement. Learn more about Frenulum piercing to add a special spark to your personality whether you want to achieve that fashionable style or be a hot stud.

Frenulum Piercing Quick Facts

The Placement passes through the frenulum, the thin skin flap that connects your upper lip to your upper gum
Pain 5/10 only
Heal Time 4 – 12 weeks
Frenulum Piercing Jewelry  frenulum ring


What Is Frenulum Piercing?

It’s critical to understand what a frenulum is. The frenulum is a thin tissue that connects your gums and tongue. Another frenulum joins your gums and upper or lower lip. When A puncture is made in this Frenulum followed by a piece of jewelry the procedure is called frenulum piercing or gum piercing. 

Types Of Frenulum Piercing

Following are the three types of frenulum piercings.

Smiley piercing

Frenulum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

Smiley piercing is a unique way to decorate your smile and transform your appearance. Such a piercing will become your highlight, and only those to whom you smile will be able to see the jewelry.

The technique involves piercing the frenulum under the upper lip. A hole is created in it, into which small decorations ( horseshoes-rings or micro bananas ) are inserted. A smiley piercing is only visible when a person smiles or laughs – hence its name. This type of piercing is popular among young people, and it is also suitable for those who are forbidden to wear earrings to their bodies at work due to the dress code. 

Anti Smiley piercing

Frenulum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

This one is the second most popular. Two punctures are created using the same technology in this piercing, but with some differences. The main one is that the frenulum is pierced under the lower and not the upper lip. Anti-smiley piercing is considered a more complicated procedure due to the presence of blood vessels and nerve endings in the frenulum under the lower lip, so it is not recommended to do it yourself.

Tongue Frenulum Piercing

Frenulum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

The frenulum, which connects your gums and tongue, is pierced in this kind of frenulum piercing. 

Smiley Frenulum Piercing: Pros And Cons 

This sort of piercing is becoming more and more popular every year among young people and older people. Following are some of the pros and cons that you must know if you plan to get one.


  • Limited visibility (Jewelry is easy to hide)
  • Easy replacement of earrings
  • The simplicity of the procedure (Some people even get this piercing done at home. As the frenulum has very few blood vessels thus, less bleeding following the procedure is expected.)
  • Rapid wound healing (To your surprise, this is a minor painful type of piercing. Compared to other kinds of piercing, it has a speedier healing mechanism. Proper treatment is required to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.)
  • Exciting and unusual look.


  • Possible consequences: rupture of the frenulum. (People mainly face this problem if they have an extremely thin frenulum)
  • Discomfort ( There is a possibility that the piercing studs will cause allergies or irritations).
  • Damage to tooth enamel (if the decoration is displaced).
  • Swelling of the tongue.

When considering whether or not to do this type of piercing, weigh the pros and cons and build on your taste preferences. You can also read smiley piercing reviews. Most often, they are positive. According to those who made such a piercing, the most important thing is to choose suitable jewelry (it is better to use small ones) and get your piercing done by a professional.

Does Frenulum Piercing Hurt? 

The piercing is considered almost painless, so you can do it without anesthesia. If the frenulum is too thick or the client has a low pain threshold, the piercer treats the puncture site with topical preparations, such as lidocaine. The mucous membrane of the frenulum after the procedure is quickly restored, and the wound heals within a month.

However, some people may have some discomfort with lip frenulum piercing pain.

It’s impossible to say what the pain level is. Everyone’s body reacts uniquely. Few people can respond strongly to severe pain, while others may suffer a little. The size of the jewelry is also essential, as a larger stud may cause more significant discomfort in comparison.

After the Frenulum piercing, some swelling is to be expected. However, if you have significant discomfort or gum bleeding, you should seek medical attention right once. There’s also the possibility that the situation will deteriorate further.

However, If you properly prepare for the piercing and follow the recommendations for caring for the piercing, then there will be no significant side effects.

Guide Through The Whole Piercing Procedure: Before And After  

Frenulum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

Preparation For The Procedure 

  • For three days before the puncture, you should rinse your mouth after each meal. Suitable for this: 
    • diluted hydrogen peroxide (3 drops per tablespoon of water);
    • chlorhexidine; 
    • sodium chloride solution (dissolve one teaspoon of table salt in a glass of warm water);
    • an explanation of potassium permanganate (should turn out pinkish, not purple).
  • You need to choose the right decoration. You can do this by looking at smiley-piercing photos and studying the types of jewelry on the internet.
  • Most often, horseshoes or rings are inserted into the bridle under the upper lip. You can use jewelry made of titanium or medical steel. 

Main Procedure

Before you make a smiley piercing, you should consult an expert and get your frenulum examined to ensure it is strong enough to hold the jewelry. The piercer will examine the puncture site, talk about contraindications and possible consequences, and then get to work.

Stages Of The Procedure

  • Treatment of mouth with an antiseptic and disinfection of the frenulum. Anesthesia is given if necessary.
  • Retraction of the upper lip. The master, with the help of special forceps, clamps and pulls the lip.
  • Implementation of a puncture (a disposable needle is used).
  • Decoration introduction. An earring is inserted and fixed into the created hole (the needle is not removed).
  • Re-sterilization and treatment of the puncture site.

The procedure for frenulum piercing is now complete. However, just though the process went successfully doesn’t imply you won’t encounter issues. Only good management can ensure that your frenulum piercing is safe and lasts longer.

Care After The Procedure 

This piercing isn’t a dangerous situation to be in. With some basic hygiene principles, you should be able to get through them. Any transformation in your body needs aftercare to settle in. If it’s in your mouth, a few more measures will help you get used to it and lessen the pain.

  • For a week after the puncture, you should rinse your mouth after each meal.
  • Do not treat the wound with alcohol or potassium permanganate solution, as these agents will lengthen the healing period.
  • You should chew your food carefully and brush your teeth so as not to touch the jewelry.
  • It is recommended to stop drinking alcohol and smoking in the first days after the procedure.
  • Avoid contact with the upper lip with the tongue, and do not touch the jewelry with your hands. 
  • Extra care is also dangerous. Excessive cleaning and touching of the piercing region may further exacerbate your discomfort.
  • Avoid physical mouth contact with anyone for the first few days. This could make you more prone to skin inflammation.
  • Sharing food or beverages right after the piercing is not a wise option.
  • If the frenulum is not moving, get rid of the jewelry as soon as possible.
  • It’s essential to relax your mouth for a few days after getting your piercing. This will let your body adapt to the change.

Frenulum Piercing Risks 

This piercing is done in one of the most sensitive areas of the body. If the piercing isn’t done correctly, there’s a good possibility you’ll experience some severe and life-threatening adverse effects. The following are some of the most prevalent risks that some people may face as a result of piercing:

  • Infection in the wound (pus, swelling, or pain may appear);
  • Displacement or omission of jewelry (with an incorrect puncture);
  • Rejection of the earring (the body may not accept the product);
  • Damage to tooth enamel (you should choose the right earring and determine the place of the puncture in order to avoid contact of the jewelry with the teeth);
  • Rupture of the bridle (when the puncture is incorrect or the bridle is too thin).

Best Jewelry For The Piercings

To pierce the frenulum of the upper or lower lip (lip frenulum piercing), it is recommended to choose piercing smiley jewelry of small size, as large products can cause inconvenience, cause pain, and damage to teeth. Rings, circulars, horseshoes, and micro bananas are best suited. Jewelry must be made of titanium, medical steel, or bioplastic.  

Frenulum Piercing Cost

The expense of frenulum lip piercing usually depends on the shop and the person you choose. One-time piercing might cost anywhere from $30 to $90. However, getting it with the assistance of a professional will ensure that you do not have any significant discomfort or infections. On the other hand, in Europe, this type of piercing will roughly cost around 25 to 70 euros.

Final Lines…Frenulum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

Looking for an amazing transformation to bring a thrilling change in your personality? Frenulum Piercing can be the answer to your quest. However, make sure it does not adversely influence your health. Your body instincts are the ones that alert you to the need for tolerance to the new experiments. If you think frenulum piercing is appealing to you and you want to get some transformations, go ahead, but keep the complete information about the procedure in mind.

People Also Ask…

Which Frenulum piercing is most common?

Smiley Piercing is the most common type of frenulum piercing as it looks most attractive and cool.

Which jewelry material is best for frenulum piercing?

Titanium or surgical stainless steel is the most suitable jewelry material for frenulum piercing.

Is Frenulum piercing dangerous?

No, this piercing is not considered dangerous as the frenulum does not have major blood vessels or nerves. Therefore, no bleeding occurs during piercing and very less pain is expected. However, aftercare is very important to get the best results.

What is the cost of a smiley piercing?

This piercing normally costs between $30 and $90, claims Authority Tattoo. For jewelry, some stores demand an additional price. A tip for your piercer should also be considered; the usual amount is 20%.

How much is a smiley piercing hurt?

Any piercing could cause pain. Generally speaking, the piercing will pain less the more flesh there is in the area. The piece of tissue needs to be thick enough to support the jewelry, but your frenulum is still only a small amount of tissue. As a result, inner lip piercing could pain a little bit more than a lip or earlobe piercing would.

how long do smiley piercings last?

Although it can last several years, many people claim that theirs only lasted one. This piercing is fantastic if you want something temporary and enjoyable, but if you want something that will last for a long time, you should choose a different piercing.

Are smiley piercings safe?

Smiley piercings are performed in a very delicate location, so proper care is necessary to prevent infection and other negative effects. Some of the issues that may develop include: Damage to the enamel might occur from attachments like the big beads on the ring.

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