Orbital Piercing-One-Stop Guide With Complete Facts

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If you’re a piercing fan, this mind-blowing concept of orbital piercing will amaze you. However, no matter how ecstatic you are, you will have some uneasiness. Because, unlike earlobe piercing, this one is harder to heal and care for. This article will help you realize the hazards and how to avoid problems when getting a diamond-studded orbital ear piercing.

A thorough investigation of the cost of orbital piercing and advice for effective healing will ensure that you are not making a mistake. It’s a subtle and elegant piercing that gives your style an unique edge. If you’re bored with your current ear jewelry placement, this versatile choice will provide a creative twist to your appearance. The structure of the human ear is quite complex, and orbital piercing styles add an incredible amount of pizazz to it. You must be jittery at this point because you want to learn more about these amazing piercing options. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Orbital Piercing Quick Facts

The Placement typically found in the ear’s helix area
Pain 4/10 only
Heal Time 2 – 3 Weeks only
Orbital Piercing Jewelry   rings with smooth segments and ball closures are typically worn


What Is An Orbital Piercing?

Orbital Piercing-One-Stop Guide With Complete Facts

A single hoop is made somewhere in the ear to connect two piercings in orbit piercing. These hoops allow you to wear gorgeous orbital jewelry. 

Today, non-standard earrings designed for two holes are gaining popularity among young people. This direction of piercing is called Orbital Piercing – two punctures are made in the ear, where one earring is threaded, outwardly similar to the planet’s orbit. Various decorations can be used for this piercing including a ring, carnations connected by a thin chain, and twisters – spirals similar to spring coils. In addition to the usual earrings, other jewelry can be inserted into the punctures. A good solution would be a straight bar that pierces the ear in two places, fixed with a ball.

The antihelical fold, Scapa, and the conch orbital piercing are very famous. Because the orbit of the ear is such a sensitive area, appropriate aftercare is required, as is a lengthy recovery period. Nonetheless, if you’re considering a change in your appearance, it’s worth it.

A cartilage piercing is one of a kind. It takes approximately a month for a piercing to heal entirely. Cartilage is a type of connective tissue that is softer than bone and harder than skin. It is a component of our nose and ears that helps to shape them. The mending process is delayed because cartilage does not contain as many blood arteries as other skin tissues. As a result, you may have to endure a great deal of discomfort for a long period. Even if these facts are true, you will have a unique piercing style if this piercing is done properly. So, let’s get right to the procedure.

The Procedure

Like all other piercings, the orbital piercings are completed after following the required steps. Getting a hold of them would provide you with an overview of the process.

  • Your piercer will sanitize the area to be pierced and mark the points where the jewelry will be inserted.
  • The marks will be shown to you to validate the exact location. When you’re happy with the spot, the next procedure is to inject the hollow needle at the bang-on spots in the direction of the jewelry movement.
  • When the piercing is completed, the entire area will be well-cleaned again.
  • You can choose to get a single side pierced, or both sides are done simultaneously. It’s entirely up to you, and it also relies on what you want to accessorize.
  • If you wish to add a new piercing to an existing single piercing, you’ll need to have a whole orbital piercing done.

How Much Does Orbital Piercings Cost?

The expense of orbital piercing is mostly determined by the piercer you choose to deal with. You will undoubtedly spend a few dollars more if you engage a qualified specialist for this reason. Still, it will be worth it because substantial hazards are associated with the piercing technique. Because there are two piercings involved in the action, orbital piercing is always more expensive than cartilage piercing. After a thorough search, you might find some cheaper solutions, but how dependable are they? In the United States, an orbital piercing can cost anywhere from $50 to $80, whereas, in Europe, it can cost anywhere from 40 to 70 Euros.

How Much Does Orbital Piercing Hurt?

As previously stated, orbital piercing is performed on the connective tissues rather than the epidermis. As a result, it is far more painful than a lobe or cartilage piercing. On a scale of 1 to 10, the degree of applied pressure to the hollow needle to puncture the ear tissue corresponds to four pain levels. This is enough to realize that it can be an excruciatingly unpleasant event.

Although you could recover with proper maintenance and healing methods, it would take some time. If the discomfort is too much to bear, you can take medicines to obtain some relief right away. However, this will not assist for a long time. Such medications are merely effective in suppressing pain; nevertheless, the ultimate healing process is far more important.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Healing

The most important aspect of a good orbital piercing is recovery. If necessary care is not taken, it could result in an infection. To guarantee a pain-free orbital piercing experience and to later try trendy jewel pieces on it, it is first and foremost necessary to take care of it.

  • Such cartilage piercings, such as the common orbital or helix orbital piercing, might take a long period to heal. To guarantee that the piercing is not infected, you must remain vigilant for nearly 5 months.
  • Aftercare lotions or natural medicament can aid in the healing of wounds.
  • It is critical not to touch the ears because this may cause acute irritation.
  • It is also necessary to sterilize that area for it to remain clean and well maintained.
  • It’s important to remember that cheap products aren’t recommended because they could undo all of your hard work. Everything, from jewelry to creams, has to be flawless.

The following suggestions will keep you safe from all of the unpleasant parts of orbital piercing, and you will be able to relax.

Orbital Piercing Aftercare

After an orbital piercing, proper treatment of the affected area is essential if you want to shine like a star.

  • At least three times a day, wipe the piercing spot with hot, saline water.
  • Do not touch the piercing area again and again.
  • During sleeping hours, special attention should be paid. If you injured that area severely, there’s a good probability you’ll end up with serious difficulties.
  • Make sure to clean the orbital piercing area with a dry towel. If you constantly touch that area, you may experience discomfort or pain.
  • Wash your hands carefully before cleaning the piercing spot.
  • No spirit agent should be used in that spot.
  • Avoid going to any pools or beaches while the healing process progresses, as the contaminated water could cause more complications.
  • The jewelry should be removed or changed only when the orbital piercing has healed completely.
  • If you have any form of intense pain or discomfort in your ears after using the aforementioned home remedies, see your nearest health care professional right once. At any cost, the risk of the situation deteriorating must be avoided.

Orbital Piercing-One-Stop Guide With Complete Facts

Orbital Piercing Risks

Every procedure you undergo comes with risks, and orbital piercing is no exception. Even if you make a minor error, you are at risk for a severe ear infection. According to estimates, over one-third of all cartilage piercings get infected. Orbital piercing on both sides is unquestionably dangerous. The only thing you can do is be aware of the dangers that come with it.

Infections can be of varying intensities, and treating them early on is the best course of action. Your money and health are both at risk in the event of a major problem. Many people are unaware of the seriousness of piercing infections that go untreated. They may also cause long-term ear damage that is difficult to repair.

However, there aren’t many hazards related to orbital piercing except infection.

Final Lines

Orbital Piercing-One-Stop Guide With Complete Facts

Orbital Piercing-One-Stop Guide With Complete Facts

Orbital Piercing-One-Stop Guide With Complete Facts

Now you have all of the facts and information regarding orbital piercing. Nothing done with care can ever be dangerous. Also, keep in mind that you are not the only one who is getting this styled; there are a lot of people who are obsessed with piercings. To put it another way, it’s been one of the century’s coolest obsessions.

To express a new side of yourself, all you need is proper care and a professional piercer. It’s your inner happiness that shines through in the way you dress and accessorize. A few pairs of elegant studs from a reputable manufacturer can help to highlight your piercing. All of your hard work and money will be worth it when people stare at you in awe, wondering how they could appear so fashionable! With a well-done and maintained orbital piercing, you can appreciate the whole style and fun of jewelry. Shine and flaunt your glam quotient to the world without fear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is orbital piercing jewelry?

In an orbital piercing, rings with smooth segments and ball closures are typically worn. Choosing the proper ring size is crucial since a ring that is too big or small could lead to rejection or migration. Saline solution should be used to clean this piercing at least twice a day.

What is orbital lobe piercing?

A combination of two ear piercings joined by a single piece of jewelry is known as an orbital piercing. Orbital Piercing, which is typically done in the helix area of the ear, can be performed elsewhere on the body, including the earlobes.

Is orbital piercing painful?

An orbital piercing is comparable to an industrial placement, but with much less pain and a smaller recovery period. Your orbital piercing should be between a 4-5/10 on the pain scale, depending on where it was placed, and should heal in about two months.

What is the cost of orbital piercing?

The cost of getting your eyes pierced varies depending on where you go. Most places have a $30 minimum.

What is the difference between a conch and orbital piercing or both are the same?

The conch orbital piercing, a variation of a conch piercing, runs perpendicular to the traditional conch piercing and necessitates the piercing of two holes as opposed to one. This enables the ring to “orbit” the cartilage of the ear. The generally recommended jewelry is a CBR.

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