Philtrum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

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Philtrum piercing is for you if you are looking for a unique yet decent piercing style. Whether you’ve had previous piercing experiences or are just getting started, middle lip piercing can consistently be your most exciting piercing adventure. After all, this is the most recent piercing craze, and it’s driving youngsters insane.

What’s Philtrum Piercing?

Philtrum piercing is also commonly known as Medusa piercing. Philtrum Piercing is one of the options for piercing the upper lip in the area of ​​the dimple above the upper lip known as philtrum. This modification came into fashion in the 90s of the 20th century. He was introduced into use by a stylist from Canada – Kerrick – who came up with the name of this puncture. The decoration for this puncture is a barbell (labret) with a ball on the outside and a flat part at the base.

This type of piercing is found in both men and women. Girls most often choose brighter artsy jewelry with stones and rhinestones, while guys prefer strict classics – opal or a classic ball. This body modification draws attention to your face and goes well into the septum of your nose. The main thing is that the jewelry is not too close so they do not cling to each other.

Philtrum piercing is so attractive that it has quickly become one of the popular piercings.  Each time a new piercing becomes popular, we question what makes it so popular. For philtrum Piercing, It is without a doubt, the versatility of this piercing that makes it unique and famous. Whatever type of jewelry you use to accessorize the piercing, will instantly elevate your style. 

Thinking about getting a Philtrum Piercing yet? But wait, before you go for it, you must know the pros and cons of it. 

Philtrum Piercing Quick Facts

The Placement The closer the ears are to the face
Pain 4/10 only
Heal Time 2 – 4 weeks only
Medusa Piercing Jewelry  Labret stud

Philtrum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

Pros And Cons 


  • Top lip piercing is known to enhance your facial features and draws attention to your face. So it can be the best option for you if you have attractive lips.
  • upper lip piercing creates a perfectly balanced and symmetrical look in your facial appearance. Surprisingly, a piercing on the side of your lips does not provide this balance.
  • Medusa piercings are visible on your face, unlike tongue piercings. So, if you enjoy showing off your piercings, make an appointment with your favorite piercer right now.
  • Medusa lip piercing enhances the feminine look on your face when used alone. However, It can also give you a rustic, gypsy appearance if you pair it with a handful of additional face piercings.


  • Piercing above the lip is more painful as many blood vessels and nerve endings are present here.
  • If done wrongly, this piercing can damage the superior labial artery.
  • If metal jewelry is used, you might feel discomfort as the stopper rubs against the teeth and gum constantly.
  • With this piercing, you have to avoid tight clothing that might rub against your face while wearing it.

Philtrum Piercing Procedure 

The main thing in the implementation of this piercing is to make an accurate and even puncture in the middle of the cavity under the nose, and also not to touch any of the numerous blood vessels (there are a lot of them in this area). Only experienced craftsmen can do this, so we recommend contacting professionals. And you just have to carefully follow all the instructions of the master.

If this piercing is done incorrectly, it can increase the risk of problems such as tooth erosion and gum recession. In addition, the piercing should be ideally located in the center of the philtrum area, as the slightest deviation can ruin the symmetry of the face. So choose a professional with the right skills and equipment.

What To Look For Before The Thiltrum Piercing Procedure:

  • The procedure should be carried out in a sterile room (medical room).
  • The master’s tools must be in a special sterile box.
  • The master must be in disposable sterile gloves throughout the procedure.
  • The requirements for absolute sterility of the room and all instruments must be strictly observed. If they are violated, it is better to find a more conscientious specialist.

Main Procedure:

The piercing procedure itself is not so complicated:

  • The piercer cleans the pierced area with an antibacterial agent (usually alcohol). You will be given an antiseptic mouthwash before starting the procedure.
  • The piercer takes a clamp to hold the upper lip and pierces the philtrum from the inside with a very sharp and thin hollow needle.
  • Using a special tool, the craftsman will guide the piece of jewelry through the new hole and set it in place. After that, the piercer will quickly wipe the puncture site with an antiseptic solution.

Philtrum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

Philtrum Piercing Cost?

The Expense of piercing depends on various factors, However, if you’re looking for an estimated amount, it’s anywhere between $40 and $80.

Philtrum piercing is one of the most complicated ones because of its site. There are a lot of nerve endings in the upper lip area. Thus, this piercing is dangerous and susceptible to bacterial infections. The piercing should be done with extreme care by experts only. Therefore, you should not cut corners on the quality of your piercer, even if it means spending a little more money.

How Much Does Philtrum Piercing Hurt?

Medusa piercing is not considered a painful procedure, ranking 4 out of 10 on the pain scale. However, pain sensation depends on the level of tolerance, which varies from person to person. An experienced and skilled piercer knows how to perform the procedure in the least painful way.

It should be taken into account that the piercing will hurt after the end of the procedure and most likely will swell during the first few days, but there is no reason to panic, this is a normal reaction of the body to perforation of the skin tissue. 

Women tend to feel more pain as compared to men because men have stronger muscles in their upper lip area due to regular shaving.

Philtrum Piercing Aftercare

  • This piercing needs regular cleaning, try to rinse your mouth after every meal for one minute with the recommended mouthwash from your piercer. But don’t repeat this step more than 4 times. Doing this 3 times a day would be best.
  • Some swelling and redness are expected and to avoid this you can drink iced water, especially on the first day of your piercing.
  • You must get some crusting around the piercing. To clean it, take cotton soaked in warm water and gently pat it over the Piercing.
  • If your swelling isn’t going down you can use some anti-inflammatory medicine.
  • Sleep with an elevated pillow to prevent swelling.

Healing Tips

Complete healing of the puncture can take 6 to 12 weeks. The healing time depends on the immune system and the type of jewelry. During the healing period, it’s critical to take proper care of your piercing to accelerate the process and limit the danger of infections, migration, and rejection. Experts recommend adhering to the following rules:

  • Do not pull, touch or constantly play with the jewelry as this will irritate the piercing and slow down the healing process.
  • You can only touch the piercing with thoroughly washed hands. Touching it with dirty hands causes an increased risk of infection.
  • Do not use cosmetics or other facial products on the upper lip area as these products have harsh chemicals that can cause irritation and even allergy.
  • Eat carefully to avoid hurting the piercing.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Avoid using mouthwash containing alcohol, as it can irritate the piercing.
  • Watch out for signals of infection. Redness, pain (after the first few days), pus oozing from the area, fever, and soreness are all signs that the piercing is infected, so if you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

Philtrum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

Which Jewelry Is Used In Philtrum Piercing 

Traditional philtrum piercing jewelry is a standard labret stud. For minimalists, a simple carnation is suitable, you can also choose a more complex design.

For a vertical medusa or jestrum piercing, a curved barbell would be the best choice. The curved bar does not exert any tension on the tissue, so there is less risk of rejection.

What Metal To Select

For philtrum piercings, experts recommend avoiding pure silver, copper, nickel, zinc, pewter, and brass as these are low-grade metals that can cause allergies, infections, or increase the risk of jewelry rejection.

The ideal metal for body decoration is surgical steel, especially for people with allergies. Titanium is the finest alternative for those who are allergic to metals. Titanium is great for first piercings because it is safe, lightweight, and has a low nickel content, making it biocompatible. It’s also a long-lasting metal that’s hypoallergenic and resistant to corrosion from seawater.

Another hypoallergenic metal is niobium, a low-toxic material. Niobium is like Titanium but considerably heavier and softer, and is resistant to chemicals, oxygen, and body fluids.

Philtrum Piercings Risks

  • Infection is the most serious risk of this piercing, to avoid it make sure you maintain your oral hygiene and take care of the pierced spot while eating.
  • Besides infection, swelling, redness, tenderness, and crusting around the Piercing are some other side effects of philtrum piercings.
  • Constant rubbing of jewelry against your teeth and gum can cause receding gums.
  • Another concern is tooth erosion. Because the backside of the piercing jewelry is continuously in contact with the teeth, this occurs. To lower your risk, wear non-metallic jewelry or go to the dentist’s office on a regular basis.

Final Lines…

Philtrum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

Philtrum Piercing: A Complete Expert Guide

The success of your philtrum piercing will be determined by how effectively your wound heals. That is why it is critical to use extreme caution during the healing process. Your body requires a lot of rest in order to mend properly. Maintain a low level of stress and eat a well-balanced diet.

Don’t forget to take your multivitamins as well. This is to ensure that any deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals in the body are promptly addressed. However, good quantities of zinc and calcium, two minerals that efficiently promote healing, are required in your multivitamin for a speedier recovery. Keep in mind that your body is amazing and it heals at its own pace. So don’t rush it. With proper care and patience, your piercing will provide you with years of happiness.

People Also Ask

Is philtrum piercing damaging to the teeth?

This depends on the medusa jewelry you select, if the back of the stud is big and metallic it might rub against your teeth and gum causing irritation.

Is philtrum piercing safe?

Yes, but make sure you get it done only by professionals who are skilled enough.

What is a vertical philtrum piercing?

Vertical Philtrum piercings, sometimes known as jestrum piercings, involve making a vertical incision through the upper lip’s cupid’s bow and exiting into the vermillion pink border.

What is philtrum piercing jewelry or Medusa piercing jewelry?

Labret studs are the most popular jewelry for medusa piercings. Due to their flat plate on one end and threaded attachment on the other, labret studs are the perfect choice for lip piercings.

What is the healing time of philtrum piercing?

The starter philtrum jewelry should be left in for the first two months after getting a philtrum piercing because the philtrum typically takes two to three months to recover.

How do you choose an earring placement for you?

The closer the ears are to the face.

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