Septril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know!

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Nowadays, there are various ways to express your individuality. This includes clothing, hair color, and, of course, a variety of jewelry. Someone prefers more conservative things, like rings on fingers, bracelets, and neck jewelry, while someone makes a choice in favor of piercings. Often people do just a nose piercing because it always looks attractive on the face and emphasizes individuality.

If you’re looking to add more piercings to your nose, then consider the SEPTRIL piercing (more rarely known as the jungle piercing). This is a rather unusual type of Piercing that is not found in people even with a large number of piercings. It heals for a long time, from 5 months to one year. And while it’s incredibly unique and can look quite beautiful and edgy, this Piercing will take a lot of patience to fully heal. It is done more often by people who already have punctures on their bodies, as it requires careful care that beginners cannot perform.

If you still decide on this type of Piercing, we will be happy to share information about it with you.

Septril Piercing Quick Facts

The Placement Get your Septum stretched and add the piece of jewelry at the tip of your nose
Pain 4/10 only
Heal Time 2 – 3 months only
Septril Piercing Jewelry   flat-backed stud


What Is A Septril Piercing?

Septril piercing is known as a sort of rare nose piercing. This Piercing is a combination of Septum and nostril hence known as Septril. The Piercing is done on the tip of the nose in the center (approximately). A puncture is made with a needle from the outside of the nose and is brought out to the side inside the nose (to the left or the right of the Septum). For this Piercing, You can use bent “labrets” or bioplastic jewelry (different types). They are easy to bend and take up the required shape.

There is also a kind of such Piercing with an existing, stretched puncture of the nose – “septum.” In this case, the “septum piercing” should be sufficiently stretched and well healed. Next, a puncture is performed perpendicular to the existing “septum” puncture, and a labret is installed. This way to puncture “Septril” is the most popular, but it is also the longest and thus the most complicated. But there is a plus in that it looks more even (perpendicular to the edge of the nose) and heals relatively faster, unlike the first option.

Septril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know!

The Piercing Procedure

The Septril Piercing isn’t famous as a rare piercing for no reason. Any typical piercing will begin with a thin needle and gradually thicken, as with earlobe piercings. An ear lobe needle’s decimeter can range from 18 to 20 gauge (the measuring unit). This, though, is dependent on the skin’s extensibility. The needle thickness for septum piercing will be around 14 and 16 gauge.

Stretching of Septum

The Septum will need to be stretched continually over a period of time to be elongated for Septril piercing. This process takes around 18 months to be completed before you are finally ready for the Piercing. However, the duration may differ from person to person. I would never suggest even trying to stretch the Septum by yourself.


After the first step is over, you are ready for the actual Piercing. The piercer grabs your nose with the piercing tongs after cleaning and disinfecting the area to be pierced. Then the piercing needle is inserted into your Septum, passing through the stretched area it comes out from the tip of the nose.

Yes, the procedure is lengthy, one-of-a-kind, and requires patience. So hang in there.

How Much Does Septril Piercing Cost?

Because of the repeated seatings required over time, this type of Piercing is expensive. In any case, the piercing and jewelry costs will be separate. The basic amount, or what we call consultation fees, varies by area.

It could cost $50-80 in the United States, £30-60 in the United Kingdom, and €40-70 in Europe. Please keep in mind that the jewelry and stretching costs will differ from the agreed basic amount. That is why it is referred to as a pricey procedure.

How Much Does Septril Piercing Hurt?

When it comes to pain, the answer is different for different people. On the one hand, we’ve seen people cry in anguish after having their earlobes pierced, and on the other hand, we’ve seen people who enjoy getting their ears pierced and don’t ever stop.

Experienced people claim that the pain intensifies as the gauge rises. The entire procedure of septril piercing is time-consuming and uncomfortable. It is safe to assume that septril piercing Must Not be your first Piercing.

Also, keep in mind that your nose will be in excruciating discomfort for several days after the procedure begins. Healing will start gradually because it is a constant process.

Septril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know!

Tips To Keep In Mind While Healing

Leaving the salon with a freshly pierced piercing ends with nothing. Ahead of the happy customer is a long and scrupulous care routine. As a rule, if the puncture is done carefully and correctly, and all care measures are followed, then the wound heals in 4-10 weeks. However, this does not mean that the Piercing can be considered completely healed. It just leaves you feeling uncomfortable. The nose, after a puncture, heals for a long time. It will take 3-6 months for the body to fully recover from the Piercing. Of course, this is an average figure, and it all depends on the characteristics of the body, the type of Piercing, and other factors.


Care after a puncture should be as follows: 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect them before starting the care procedure. This is extremely important; otherwise, you risk infecting the wound. 
  • Rinse the frame with saline twice a day to keep it clean and free of discharge. 
  • In case of dust or dirt, it is necessary to apply an antiseptic. Therefore, carry it with you for the first ten days after the puncture. 
  • Taking extra care of Septum is also important; therefore, it is recommended to drip drops containing sea salt, you need to treat the puncture with a cotton swab soaked in an antiseptic, and it is strictly forbidden to tear off the resulting crusts in order to avoid infections.
  • Minimize puncture contact with clothing, hair, and any other foreign objects. 
  • Eat right, maintain immunity, drink plenty of water, and sleep in moderation. This will help your body heal. 
  • After the first ten days after the Piercing, you can cut back to once a day. 
  • When the initial healing stage has passed, it will be possible to replace the medical earring with your own, but if you feel severe discomfort, then you must return the medical earring and wait some more. Sometimes a medical earring is not so easy to insert, so we recommend that you contact the master who did the Piercing.

What not to do?

  • You can’t constantly disturb a puncture: pull the jewelry, scroll it, touch it. 
  • If you want your Piercing to stay with you and please you for many years, then you should not remove the earring during the healing period (3-4 months) – the hole will simply heal. 
  • Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol-based products. They can complicate the healing process up to a chemical burn. 
  • If possible, avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for several days afterward. Also, avoid visiting the solarium and swimming pool for two weeks and baths and saunas for a month.

Because this piercing site is a mix of skin and cartilage, if the Piercing doesn’t work out, it can only be repaired through surgery. Do better be careful beforehand and follow your aftercare routine religiously.

Septril Piercing Risks

Given the complications of septril piercing, there are numerous reasons to have complete knowledge before doing it.

Because the procedure involves piercing the cartilage, there is a risk of infection. Because stretching takes so much longer, the probability of disease is higher.

Your body might feel weak, and your defense mechanism may affect the results of the ongoing healing process. If you have a compromised defense mechanism, consider consulting your doctor before getting the Piercing done, as healing is critical.

Blow Out can cause problems for certain people. To be honest, you’ll have to master the method. It will be annoying at first, and it may cause a lot of discomforts, leading to more difficulties.

There’s also the possibility of acquiring a metal allergy. Gold, titanium, or surgical stainless steel jewelry is recommended in this instance. In any case, silver and nickel should be avoided in general. It is suggested that you avoid anything that could induce an allergic reaction.

If the Septril Piercing is removed, the Septum will never return to its original shape. The Septum would need to be repaired, which would necessitate surgery.

Thus, it is strongly advised that you give it a second thought before opting for Septril Piercing.

Final Lines…

Septril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know!

Septril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know!

Septril Piercing: Everything You Need To Know!

Piercing had previously been viewed as a taboo subject in western culture. Despite this, it has survived through numerous generations and eras; nowadays, Piercing is generally regarded as a fashion statement. When we notice someone with a nose ring, it’s almost impossible to ignore them. We feel that getting a body piercing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone. People frequently associate emotions with it and regard it as a significant accomplishment to be celebrated.

It emphasizes their personality and their desire to transition or stand out from the crowd. When it comes to Septril Piercing, one cannot overlook it. Getting a septum piercing is entirely personal and a matter of personal preference. However, we do not recommend this to anyone new to the game. If someone chooses Septril piercing, they must be sure of their decision because it is a lengthy and challenging procedure. There should be no going back once you’ve decided to go for it.

People Also Ask…

What is Septril Piercing?

These piercings pass through the septum of the nose and end at the tip or base of the nose.

Is Septril Piercing painful?

Because the septum is so thin, it might hurt a lot for a short while after being pierced, but it heals rapidly. Additionally, this type of piercing may pain more if you have a deviated septum or a comparable problem because your septum nerves may be hyperactive.

What is the healing time for Septril Piercing?

Septum piercings often heal in two to three months. Between your two nostrils is a slender layer of skin, nerves, and blood arteries called the septum. It is delicate and typically hurts more than getting your nose pierced. However, because there is less tissue for your body to rebuild, it heals more quickly.

What is the cost of a Septril Piercing?

You should budget $50 to $100 for this piercing.

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